Q1. What is the Goldzip?

Ans: Goldzip (Gz) is the official Token of GOLD delivery execute right at Goldzip system, which represents a kind of gold delivery order right. Each Gz is equivalent with 1 mg 999.9 gold of the delivery order right. Gz is issued by Hong Kong Gold and Silver Exchange (CGSE). The Gz holder can directly use Gz to execute the delivery order at Goldzip system.


Q2. Why do I need a Goldzip wallet account?

Ans: Goldzip Wallet is the only e-wallet that specifies the storage and use of Digital Gold Gz.


Q3. How to register a Goldzip wallet account?

Ans: Please following the Goldzip wallet User Guide


Q4. How about the security of Goldzip wallet?

Ans: The Goldzip wallet is actually based on the best standards in digital security, and the top technical team guarantees the user’s asset security.


Q5. Any administration fee for Goldzip Wallet?

Ans: The wallet does not with any charge on storing Gz.


Q6. What is the only sign that confirms the owner of the Goldzip wallet?

Ans: The account name when the user signs up for the Goldzip wallet is a unique one.


Q7. How to transfer Gz by Goldzip wallet?

Ans: The user logs in to the Goldzip wallet, enters the recipient’s Goldzip wallet account name and clicks “Transfer”. The Goldzip Wallet account name is the only identifier that identifies the owner of a different wallet.